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About OSP

OSP is the realisation of one man's dream. With an emphasis on 100% natural ingredients that are as raw and unrefined as possible, OSP products are sure to leave your skin feeling nurtured, cared for and smelling incredible. Every product is hand made from scratch to all EU regulations to ensure complete quality control. Recipes are as simple and possible to ensure none of natures goodness is ruined and as much as possible is saved for your skin.

About the Owner

James Riley is the man behind OSP. From a young age, he has taken an interest in looking, smelling, and most importantly feeling as good as you can. Through his teenage years this involved creating a large fragrance collection with classics such as Eau Savage and Fahrenheit through to rarer colognes and local artisan offerings.

It wasn't until his mid twenties when the wet shaving bug took hold that soap and soap making had even crossed his mind. Travelling around the UK for work, he couldn't take his motorbike workshop with him and so needed a new hobby. When wondering around a local town on the weekend in the Peak District, he stumbled across a small antiques shop with some straight razors on display. Five minutes later, he was the proud owner of his first old - school razor. Soon he owned another, and a brush, a couple of soaps, and things spiralled from there.

He noticed that this way of shaving was much better, both in quality of shave and for his skin. However, seeing as wet shavers try to avoid using cans full of chemicals to shave with, why do soap makers insist on using chemicals still? It was not long before a soap base was created with much help from the amazing gentlemen at, and hundreds of bottles of essential oils were acquired and scents were being blended to provide fragrance.

The rest has snowballed from there. OSP was established in 2015 and its range of products has grown to include shaving soap, shaving cream, aftershave, candles, strops, bathing soap, and bath bombs with more due in the near future!

James' diverse experience in manufacturing engineering has allowed him to develop processes and quality control methods that allow OSP to excel in offering 100% natural soap and trend setting customer service.

We hope you enjoy our products.





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